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Visit a Church

These churches love visitors. Visit them anytime.

RIDES available from your apartment to the church.
Just ask any of the churches for a ride.

This is a list of the worship service times.


State College Alliance Church
Sun. 9 & 10:30 am - 1221 W. Whitehall Rd.
Walt & Sue Johnston -Phone 814  404-8116,   Email:,  Wechat: walt1636

Calvary Baptist Church
Sat. 6pm at 150 Harvest Fields Dr., Boalsburg
Sun. 9am & 10:30am , 150 Harvest Fields, Boalsburg
Sun. 10am,  in The State Theatre, 130 W. College Ave.
Garret White - Phone 330-501-2199 or Email:
Bill Saxton - Phone: 814-404-6763 or  Email:


Cedar Heights Church
Sun. 10:30am - at Park Forest Middle School
Dan Digman -Phone: 330-730-0588,  Email:


Faith Baptist Church
Sun. 10:15am - at 647 Valley Vista Drive
Drew Fenstermacher -Phone: 814-234-1176,  Email:


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Sun. 8 & 10:30 am - at 851 N. Science Park Rd.
Bryon Spang -Phone: 814-234-8177,  Email:


Grace Presbyterian Church
Sun. 10:45 am - at 370 Airport Road
John Pershe - Phone:814-482-0996,  Email:


New Hope Church
Sun. 10:30am - at Mount Nittany Elementary School, 700 Brandywine Dr.
Pastor Ben Frank - 814-880-3049,  email:


Oakwood Presbyterian Church
Sun. 8:30 & 11:15 am - at 1865 Waddle Rd.
Deborah Lee - Phone: 770  687-3891,  Email:


Park Forest Baptist Church
Sun. 10:45 am - at 3030 Carnegie Dr.
Kirk & Julie Zuercher - Phone: 814  769-6193,  Email: 


State College Assembly of God
Sun. 10 am - at 2201 University Dr. Ext.
George & Denise Conklin - Phone: 814  237-1921,  Email:


State College Chinese Alliance
Sun. 9:30 & 10:45 am - at 1250 University Dr.
David Lin - Phone: 814  414-0388,  Email:


State College Evangelical Free Church
Sun. 10:30 am - at 1243 Blue Course Dr.
Kathy Horlacher - Phone: 814  826-2487,  Email:

Would you like to visit a local English church?

Ask someone from "Our Team" to take you!  We would love to take you with us to the church we attend.  We can easily give you a ride from your apartment to the church that we are attending. 

By visiting a church you can:

  • see & experience American culture

  • listening to English practice

  • hear Christian music

  • meet Americans

  • make new friends

  • learn about the Bible, God, & Jesus Christ

Churches are very friendly places!  Churches are always open to visitors.  Churches usually start at 9 or 10 or 11 am and last 1 to  1.5 hours with some singing time and a teaching time (sermon).

Some students ask if you have to be a Christian to go to church?  The answer is "no".  Many people visit church or attend regularly just to learn about God, positive values, and good ideas.  The decision to believe in & follow God is a personal one.  Going to church can help you to understand more about the Christian faith.