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Bible Studies

The most important book ever written.  The best-selling book, the most read book in human history, the most translated into other languages & more.

Join us in reading and studying it.  Whether you are a beginner, or more experienced, we have a Bible study for you!  


Below are our WEEKLY Bible studies.   If you want a personal, individual Bible study (or discussion or you have questions about Christianity or the Bible), please ask us.  We have male & female people to help, if you have a preference.

Ask any of the leaders: (remove the 2 spaces before the @ — I do this avoid spam)]]
Walt Johnston — walt1636 , 814 404-8116 , Wechat: walt1636
Sue Johnston — sue1636 , Wechat: sue1636
Garret White — , 330 501-2199

Wednesdays  1-2:30 pm - Easy English Bible - Read Aloud and Discuss - During Fall & Spring semester.   Easy Oral English practice in speaking and listening - in the Free Wed. Lunch room in the basement of St. Paul Methodist Church, 250 E. College Ave  -  Contact Walt

Wednesdays  7-9 pm - Small Group Bible Study and Fellowship, led by Bill and Barb Saxton at their home. A Christian discipleship group.  Rides provided as needed. -  Contact  Bill Saxton:  WJS9

Fridays  5:15-6:30 pm - Bible Study -  in 129 Pasquerilla Spiritual Center (also called the Bridal room).  Click here for map registration
TOPIC - "What is God saying to man - It is an overview of the Bible from beginning to end / from Genesis to Revelation!" 
OPEN TO ALL  -  Contact Sue Johnston  sue1636

Saturday  6-9 pm - Saturday Nite Live - at Walt & Sue's home -  Join us for volleyball or watching volleyball, a dinner together and Bible discussion in a home-style community.  RIDES are provided to our house & back.  - Contact Walt, Sue, or Garret