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Other Services

How can we assist you?

We believe Christ calls us to serve and love one another.  Please feel free to contact us about other ways we may be able to help you.  It doesn't hurt to ask us.  Hopefully we can say "yes" to your request!  Our goal is to serve you. 

Contact Bill, Walt, Sue or Garret.  See contact info in "Our Team".


Here are just a few ways we assist students:

Moving Furniture, Finding USED furniture

We know where to buy used furniture.  We also have a vehicles to move most furniture.  If there are heavy items, you will need to provide a student or 2 to help move the items.  :-)

Editing Papers

We can review your papers for grammar, punctuation, sentence-structure and flow of thought.  This requires submitting them to us at least a few days before your deadline.  We are not a professional service but we are free.

Finding a medical help (doctor, dentist, etc.)

We can help you understand the medical options and how to find a doctor or dentist, etc.  We are not medical professionals.  We will not recommend a specific doctor or dentist.  But we can help you know some of the options and the American medical expectations to get medical service.

finding An American Friend to talk to

If you just want a friendly person to talk to, we are available.  We know life in America can be hard in many ways and you are far from from home.  At times you may need a friend.  The ICF Team has experienced in living in other countries, some for months and years.  We know many things are different in the USA.  So if you want to chat, eat a meal together, or have some time in an American home, let us know!  Contact any of us in the "Our Team".  You can also ask to connect with the ICF Student Officers, fellow PSU students.

Driving Lesson

If you have a car & a driving permit or a driving license, Walt Johnston and/or Bill Saxton are willing to give you a few driving lessons.  They have driven in Asia and Africa so they are familiar with the differences in driving styles.  They know the PA driving test requirements and routes plus they can explain the common rules of the road and expectations in driving in the USA that are not in the driving book.  Contact Bill Saxton  WJS9   or Walt Johnston WMJ1