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The Search For Life Beyond Earth

Upcoming Events/Trips

Events from the past have included trips to Niagara Falls, New York City, Washington DC, hikes up Mt. Nittany, mini golf, bowling,and more! Check back often for updates.

The Search For Life Beyond Earth

  • Kern Building, 112 Penn State University University Park, PA USA

Jim Adams, recently retired Deputy Chief Technology Officer for NASA, will give a lecture at 7:00pm in room 112 of the Kern Building, on the topic, "The Search for Life Beyond Earth."  Using NASA satellite photos and drawing on years of experience, Mr. Adams will share the latest findings on NASA's quest to discover life beyond our planet.   Free and open to the public.

A free dinner will be served beforehand at 6:15pm in the Garden Room of the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center. After dinner, we'll simply walk over to the nearby Kern Building.

Mr. Adams has over 35 years of experience in aerospace engineering. In his 10 years at GE and 27 years at NASA, he has developed missions that have enabled scientists to rewrite textbooks on everything from climate change to the evolution of life in our solar system.  These missions included probes to study the Sun, and missions to Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, asteroids, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

A recent article tells more about Mr. Adams' work with NASA. It can be found here.

Due to his experience, Mr. Adams has much to say on the search for life beyond earth. And with his Christian background, he has keen insights on how faith in God illuminates what we find in our exploration.