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Friday International Fellowship Dinner

Upcoming Events/Trips

Events from the past have included trips to Niagara Falls, New York City, Washington DC, hikes up Mt. Nittany, mini golf, bowling,and more! Check back often for updates.

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Friday International Fellowship Dinner

Our next Friday International Fellowship Dinner takes place on Friday, January 13, at 6:15pm in the Garden Room of the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center which is located directly across from the Paterno Library on Curtin Road.  Everyone is always welcome!  If you can't find us, just call Chris at 814-880-0134, and we'll send someone to you!

Our menu for Jan. 13, will include Indian food from a local restaurant!

After dinner we'll have play an easy game at the dinner tables to help you meet one another and hopefully make a new friend.

After the announcements and game we offer a few different choices:

American English Class - Idioms, slang, American Culture

Taste & See Cooking Class - learn how to make new foods and have have some good conversations in the process

Bible study - we have something for everyone

Discussion Group - cultural discussions change from week to week